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Dome for Profoto heads Height 103mm Color corrected and fros

Dome for Profoto heads  Height 103mm  Color corrected and fros

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Phoxene dome compatible with Profoto Acute, ProTwin and Proheads. This dome is color corrected (-500K) and frosted. Height: 103mm

Why are these domes a bit taller than original ones?

In fact, while talking with some of our customers, we realized that, on some flash heads, the domes are very close to the top of the flash tubes (for example on Twin heads) or to some 500W modelling lamp. Thus, adding a few millimeters between the top of the dome and these very hot components can help increasing the lifespan of all these components, and avoid darkening of the dome. Furthermore, it helps inserting and removing the dome with less risks to break the tube and/or the lamp.

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